A Ruby Red Shoes inspired party

My daughter loves Ruby Red Shoes. For those not in the know about this fabulous little rabbit, Ruby is a very aware hare who lives in a gorgeous caravan with her grandmother and spends her time tripping off to Paris and London. She’s also very mindful of others and of the world around her. It’s magical.

And while my daughter loves Ruby, I (unashamedly) love planning my children’s birthday parties. We’ve done Peter Rabbit, a Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Under the Sea, Princesses and Pirates. But this time it was all about Ruby Red Shoes. Such a delight.


For the invitations, I created a faux terrarium using little glass jars from the local discount shop. My dad kindly sliced up an old tree branch and I used that, along with some pretend moss, a little toadstool, a flower (I bought a spray of small flowers and pulled it apart) and one of the (almost business-card size) Ruby Red Shoes cards as a background.


The jar was tied with a piece of calico that I hand-stamped with the invitation wording. This took too much longer than what I thought it would (I used one of those stamps that you can change the letters on, so it was line.. by line.. by line), but I was so happy with how they turned out. Until I realised I hadn’t actually included the date. So.. I started them all again.. line.. by line.


I used the slipcase that the books came in as the inspiration for the cake and created a fondant Ruby sitting with her bundle of books.


For the party food, I decided to make some miniature edible gardens of chocolate mousse and fondant vegetables, which were then finished off with an edible sign for Ruby’s garden. The carrots were used to top carrot slice.


We also served chocolate brownies (topped with little fondant toadstools) and almond croissants (to celebrate Ruby’s recent adventure to Paris).


The garden-themed floral cupcakes were made using the new Russian icing tips. They are nothing short of amazing and so incredibly quick.


Our little guests sat down to a table with fresh flowers, linen and a mix of vintage and antique china tea cups.



I themed the favours and presented the little girls with a ‘Rare Rabbit’ hair clip, a pencil with an inspirational quote and a Ruby Red Shoes melamine plate, while the boys took home a pale blue china mug with a little white rabbit perched on the edge (and sweets).

It’s always a lot of work, but so enjoyable. My little boy’s birthday is in August – he’s requested a fire truck theme.




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